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Leaders In The Agriculture Industry

From the farm to the shelf. We help food and agriculture businesses grow.

Financial Services

market research, analysis, assessments and more for the financial services industry

General Manufacturing

improve your manufacturing process or bring your idea to the marketplace.

First nations economic development

Through new business growth, economic partnerships and job creation

New markets, more sales

We help companies expand into new export markets.

Helping Governments serve better

through managment consulting and program evalaution services.
Hart & Associates is an integrated management consulting, economic development and market research firm that helps clients grow and succeed. We have been providing advice to private and public sector clients in Canada, the U.S. and Europe for over 25 years.

We are hired by clients not only for our strong consulting skills but also for our in-depth experience and knowledge in key industry sectors and practice specializations. We help clients to improve profits and organizational effectiveness and achieve their strategic goals.

With offices in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, we help clients:

  • Prove new investment viability and project feasibility
  • Develop successful business plans to guide implementation and secure financing
  • Develop new business strategies to help increase sales and profits
  • Conduct in-depth customer reviews to identify new products and revenue opportunities
  • Develop market and customer reviews in Canada and export markets
  • Find new customers, distributors and new market channels
  • Strengthen relationships with customers
  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Increase the value of your company
  • Improve profit margins
  • Identify what customers want
  • Identify new strategic directions for your company

Interested in finding new customers and increasing your sales and profits?

Maybe its time to develop a solid business strategy with action plans for today’s business climate.
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We offer a full range of very focused consulting services for small, medium and large-sized companies, governments, industry associations and not-for-profit organizations.

Hart & Associates goes beyond providing you with insightful information and analysis. We help you make the right decisions to improve the performance and profitability of your organization based on solid input from the marketplace and our strategic recommendations followed up with a detailed implementation plan that you can act on now.

Some of the assignments we have recently conducted include:

  • Conducting a feasibility study and business plans in the agri-food industry for client in the Yukon
  • Developed a business plan and viability assessment for a grain cooperative in western Canada
  • Developed a strategic and operational expansion plan for an industrial company
  • Developed a performance measurement framework to help measure economic development success
  • Market and business development plan for a new greenhouse operation in Northern Ontario
  • Conducted a feasibility study and business plan for a bison operation for a First Nation client
  • Marketing and business plan for a new food processing operation for an economic development client in Eastern Ontario
  • Market assessment for a financial services client to help them acquire a new company
  • Program evaluation of the export trade programs of the Ontario government
  • M & A assignment to sell a printing company in Western Canada
  • Business development program for a new fish processing plant
  • Developed an assessment of performance measurement practices for cultural organizations in international markets (museums, art galleries, science centres and others)

Food & Agriculture Industry

We are industry leaders in providing business development, market opportunity, feasibility studies, business plans and industry analysis for the food and agriculture industry in Canada and the U.S.

Business to Business

Hart & Associates provides a full range of market research, marketing and strategic planning services for clients in the business-to-business marketplace.

Export Markets

We provide very focused services to help companies increase their export sales. We work with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and brokers to identify new opportunities.

Hart & Associates can help your company develop a business strategy that will provide clear direction for your management team. We can provide the key information you need on customers, prospective customers, competitors and we map out the long-term direction of your industry to devise strategies and action plans that will help you drive sales and profits now – not later.

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