We provide detailed market research, marketing and strategic planning services to companies and trade associations in the photographic, digital and printing industries in Canada, the U.S and Europe.
We provide services to the following industries and markets:

Digital and Photographic:

  • Digital imagers and large format printers
  • Custom labs, service bureaus
  • Mini Labs, one hour labs, kiosks and photographic retailers
  • Consumer sales (cameras, printers and supplies)
  • Commercial imagers, portrait and people labs and film processing
  • Research on customer market segments (signage, large format printing, print and image needs)
  • Manufacturing segment for digital imaging equipment, printers, scanners
  • Photographic film, chemistry
  • Digital and film camera markets
  • Consumer, amateur, professional and commercial markets

Printing Industry:

  • Graphic arts
  • Web and offset printing
  • Direct to plate
  • Print-on-demand and flexible printing

Some of the ways we help clients in the digital imaging industries :

  • Identify new product and service opportunities to provide revenue growth
  • Reveal how customers will be using images and print material in the future and how you can fill these needs
  • How to improve profitability by reviewing design and production, sales, administrative and support functions
  • Identify what clients need to do to gain new customers and gain more sales from existing clients
  • Conduct feasibility studies on investing in new equipment or buying an existing company

Hart & Associates is a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Associations (SGIA)

Hart & Associates provides merger and acquistion services for the imaging industries. We work with clients in identifying target companies to buy and act to sell companies. Please contact us for further information.