We help government clients at the federal, provincial and municipal levels better understand how they can provide more valued services to the public and businesses.

  • Conduct Program Evaluations of government services and programs
  • Identify satisfaction levels for government services and programs
  • Identify more efficient and effective ways to develop programs and services
  • Conduct research on markets, industries and the public to provide the strategic direction for government policy, regulations and programs
  • Identify more effective ways governments can work with:
  1. Other levels of governments
  2. Industry trade associations, professional bodies
  3. Individual companies
  4. Specific segments of the public
  • Evaluate proposed changes in regulations and legislation affecting the private sector and not-for-profit sector
  • Conduct industry discussions and round table meetings with key stakeholder groups

Hart & Associates is a Vendor of Record for the Ontario government for several categories of managment consulting and program evalaution services and is on Supply Agreements with the federal government for management consulting and analysis.