Business-to-Business Consulting Services

Hart & Associates provides a full range of market research, marketing and strategic planning services for clients in the business-to-business marketplace.  We have assisted commercial, industrial, manufacturing and consumer-based companies by identifying ways to help our clients improve their sales, strengthen their position in the marketplace and increase their competitive advantage.

The B to B marketplace is the core of our business – we have been assisting B to B companies for over 25 years in all areas of research and management consulting. We understand the B to B markets and know how to structure and conduct effective studies that deliver results for our clients.

B to B marketing is much more than conducting surveys.  We provide clients with a full assessment of business options to increase their market and financial success including developing a customer acquisition path that you can implement.

Some of the key areas we help clients in the B to B marketplace include:

  • Market research
  • Detailed market opportunity studies
  • Business feasibility studies
  • Developing marketing and business plans
  • Developing sales and market development programs

Market Research

We provide a full range of qualitative and quantitative research services to obtain relevant and timely input from business owners, employees and customers.

  • Customer satisfaction report cards
  • Competitive assessments
  • How you compare to specific competitors
  • How to increase sales with existing customers and how to secure new customers

We have extensive experience in conducting telephone, personal interviews, focus group and web-based surveys with individuals ranging from technical, mid-management to the senior management and executive levels.

We have highly developed consulting and research skills that allow us to access senior levels at your suppliers, customers, competitors and prospective customers. We are skilled at discussing issues that are of key interest.

We have proven experience in many key industries in Canada and the U.S. at the manufacturing, distribution, commercial, retail and customer end to the B to B markets.

  • Printing and digital imaging markets
  • Food processing, food distribution and retailing,
  • Marketing and producer boards
  • Computer, cellular and other telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Government services
  • Office products
  • Automotive and automotive parts
  • Building products
  • Mining and forestry
  • health care and pharmaceutical

Some of the key areas where we help B to B clients are:

  • Evaluate full financial and operational assessment of a target takeover company
  • How to gain more sales
  • Understand who your competitors are buying from and why
  • Identifying how to develop a real and meaningful competitive advantage that your markets value and will pay for.