Economic Development

Hart & Associates has been helping economic development organizations, federal, provincial and municipal governments, communities and First Nations develop economic strategies, programs and initiatives to encourage growth for 25 years. We develop innovative and viable economic development strategies and programs to help our clients succeed in economic growth, employment and investment objectives.

Our economic development services:

  • Develop economic development strategies
  • Conduct detailed market research to identify new industry and market opportunities
  • Advise on government policies and programs to improve the effectiveness of economic development
  • Develop community profiles
  • Design downtown revitalization plans
  • Conduct community and business needs assessments
  • Develop community economic development strategic and operational plans
  • Hold town hall meetings with citizens, businesses and community leaders
  • Conduct feasibility studies and business plans
  • Provide direction for town councils on strategic economic options
  • Project management of economic development implementation plans
  • Develop Tourism Development Strategies and Programs
  • Develop Master Plans
  • Evaluate BR & E program effectiveness
  • Improve return on investment for economic development dollars
  • Economic development services for the agri-food industry, tourism and recreation, manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Measure degree of success and return on investment of your economic development strategies

If you are looking for a consulting firm with fresh ideas and thinking along with proven business development, strategic planning and market research skills focused on economic development, please call us to discuss how we can help you succeed.