Export Markets

We provide very focused services to help companies increase their export sales. We work with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers and brokers and Canadian and U.S. government clients to identify new sales opportunities in export markets around the world.
We provide specific market research and market development services that help our clients achieve success in selling into foreign markets.

Some of the key services we provide include:

  • Identify and profile the market size, structure and opportunities for specific product markets in the U.S., Central and South America. Europe, the Middle and Far East.
  • Identify possible trading partners in foreign markets our client can do business with.
  • Develop an export marketing plan including sales programs, distribution system and staffing and budget requirements.
  • Identify trade shows and market development programs that will provide our clients with the most cost-effective way to promote in foreign markets.
  • Identify and provide introductions to organizations that provide specific export assistance including Canadian and U.S embassies abroad, EDC and others.
  • Conduct international product and market scans to help clients prioritize international market opportunities.
  • Pin point where companies will have the most likelihood of export success.
  • Provide networking for exporters to federal and provincial government departments and ministries that provide export assistance.