First Nations Economic Development

Hart & Associates has been providing economic and business development services to First Nations in Canada for over 25 years.

We understand the goals and values of First Nations and provide focused business and economic development services to help our clients achieve new business growth, economic partnerships and job creation success.

Hart & Associates provides a wide range of First Nations economic development and business services:

  • Prepare feasibility and business plans for new businessss and improving existing businesses.
  • Develop master economic plans and priorities.
  • Implementation plans to ensure successful start-up and on-going success
  • Identify financing options for capital expenses and on-going operational and training expenses.
  • Develop community profiles and resource inventory
  • Provide management, staff training and mentoring programs
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Establish partnerships with other First Nations, communities and private sector companies
  • Conduct market research and market opportunity studies to identify viable business initiatives.
  • Build lasting economic development momentum
  • Administrative, organizational and human resource evaluations
  • First Nation governance and mandates
  • Economic strategic planning for First Nation communities

Our sector services for our First Nations clients:

  • Agriculture and food, greenhouse technology
  • Power generation innovations, heat transfer technologies, renewable energy
  • Mining and resources
  • Tourism and recreation
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Manufacturing and service sectors
  • Technology
  • Retail and distribution

We serve First Nation and Aboriginal clients in all parts of Canada and enjoy helping create economic growth and furthering job training for our native clients.

Hart & Associates brings a unique set of well developed business planning skills that greatly improves the success rate for our clients. We identify and evaluate business opportunities that match opportunities and goals of our First Nation clients. An essential element of our services is advising on management and staffing needs that make the difference between just a good idea and a successful venture that actually produces results.