Food & Agriculture Industry

We are industry leaders in providing business development, market opportunity, feasibility studies, business plans and industry analysis for the food and agriculture industry in Canada and the U.S.

We conduct market and business development services for the entire range of the agri-food industry from farming  to food research and development, food processing, distribution to the grocery retail and food service markets.

Some of our recent studies include feasibility studies and business plans for the farming and grower sector (greenhouse, crops, bison, beef farming, fishing, fish processing and food processing centres).

Our clients include:

  • Food processing companies
  • Producers and growers
  • Agricultural Co-ops
  • Agricultural Associations
  • Food retailers and grocery chains
  • Food and agricultural industry associations
  • Food research and development centres
  • Marketing boards
  • Ministries and Departments of food and agriculture at the provincial and federal level
  • Economic development corporations, cities, municipalities

We conduct market research, market opportunity studies and strategic and business planning services for the agri-food industry in such areas as:

  • Conduct detailed market and feasibility studies and business plans to help farming and food processing clients obtain financing and successfully implement new businesses and expansions.
  • Conduct develop business plans for development of an industry-based food processing and innovation centre
  • Identify new product ideas based on detailed interviews we conduct with grocery store chains, independent and specialty grocery food stores, restaurant and food services and institutional food customers in Canada and in foreign markets.
  • Develop innovative and effective marketing and sales plans to increase your sales and market position
  • Develop comprehensive analysis for agricultural and food policy strategies for government clients
  • Create agri-food economic development strategies.
  • Conduct economic development projects that identify business opportunities for value-added agricultural products, food processing and distribution to help grow local economies.
  • Conduct focus groups with consumers to reveal new product, packaging and promotional initiatives
  • Conduct retailer and grocer chain research (identifying new ways to work with retailers)
  • Identify co-packing opportunities for clients
  • Senior level consultations on strategic direction, policy and programs with key stakeholders in the entire agri-food value chain
  • identify new service needs of Canadian food exporters
  • help marketing and producer boards develop strategic, directional plans and develop visioning statements and implementation plans
  • help clients enter and succeed in the U.S. and other markets

Our  focus is to help our food industry clients identify opportunities and increase their sales and profitability! Contact us today to find out how we can help you.